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Danielle Moore


Chef Danielle Moore affectionately known as BK Chef Danielle unlike many others she cut her 1st teeth on a chicken bone according to both her Grandmother Annie Mae & Mother Ethel. Ethel and Annie Mae were no strangers to the kitchen. They both had small businesses. Ethel with food and Annie Mae with dessert. Chef Danielle got the best of both worlds. She never wanted to be a chef. Matter of fact she tried her best to stay away from the kitchen best she could but FOOD ran through her veins. It was embedded in her DNA. So when Annie Mae passed and the pasding of Ethel 15 months later Chef Danielle decided to abandon veterinary nursing and keep the family's legacy alive and pursue the Chef Life.

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Brooklyn native, Chef Danielle Moore is a jack of all trades! Not only is she a successful chef and confection connoisseur, she is an innovator where she has designed and created a line of cook wear and several other branded products. Born into a family of amazing cooks, it was a birthright to continue the legacy. You can often find her perfecting recipes and bringing the next idea to life. Owner of Annie Mae’s Bakery, Danielle has taken her business to new heights. Her line of head wraps and aprons can be seen worn by many of the city’s citizens who support and patronize many aspects of her business. You can often find her catering events or hosting her own cooking and informational vlog “Talking with Your Mouth Full.” She is truly and inspiration, a community activist who is determined to use her business to make a positive impact.